WAI-ACT addresses critical areas of advanced accessibility support through activities that build upon the strengths of past web accessibility work, harmonizes existing work, and helps shape a research agenda in coordination with key stakeholders in Europe and internationally.

AccessDB View test results
axsDB View Test Results interface. Here a developer for example can find/filter what web technology feature supports what combination of technologies (Browser, Assistive Technology) 

The project approaches the need for expanded European and international cooperation on the development of accessibility solutions for people with disabilities and for consensus-based, authoritative technical guidance to accelerate implementation of advanced technologies.


  • Expanded cooperation on the development of accessibility solutions
  • Authoritative accessibility guidance on advanced web technologies
  • Harmonized methodologies for evaluating accessibility of websites
  • Common visions for a coordinated eAccessibility research agenda


AccessDB Run tests
axsDB Run Tests interface. Here for example a user of an assistive technology can test and report how well a specific feature works for her environment

We contributed to the project:

  • Understanding of web accessibility challenges from the perspectives of different stakeholders including decision makers and developers
  • Identification of requirements for web developers, end users and decision makers
  • Web development of accessible modern web application and components
  • Important Accessibility Support data, useful for the design and development of accessible web based tools
  • Services / API that can be used by compliance tools in order to optimize the evaluation feedback

WAI-ACT Accessibility support Database architecture
axsDB architecture. Showing front and back end using REST on the back end and HTML/JS/CSS on the front


  • World Wide Web Consortium, through its European host European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM), France
  • Stiching Bartimeus Accessibility, The Netherlands
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT, Web Compliance Center, Germany
  • Johannes Keppler University, Austria